Cybersecurity Champion: Suzanne Campbell

Suzanne Campbell

Suzanne Campbell, Sales Director

Suzanne Campbell, Director of Sales at Simply Secure Group represents a critical minority, with only 20% of women making up the cybersecurity workforce in 2019.

Suzanne joins Simply Secure with over 20 years of experience in technical staffing, sales management, and client services. With a proven ability to deliver results, she knows how to lead strong teams. Suzanne graduated from the University of Technology with a BBA (Hons.) majoring in Marketing and went on to gain a Master’s in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Her career began in sales, gaining experience within the beverage and telecommunication industries.

“When I started, I was the only woman in the team. It made me even more focussed. I was competing against men, and the majority of my clients were men, so I did have something to prove.” 

How did you get involved in cybersecurity?

Two entrepreneurs, one being a former work colleague, approached me about joining the Simply Secure team as Director of Sales. I was impressed by their fresh approach to the industry and knew that they had the technical expertise to deliver robust solutions – this gave me the confidence to leap. It’s empowering to know that you are selling solutions that deliver results in such a sophisticated industry.

What essential skills do you bring to the table?

Cybersecurity is a fast-paced, challenging industry, so having technical expertise is an advantage, but you also need to be a great communicator. It’s high-risk, you are responsible for protecting business-critical data, so you must have a cool head and the ability to deliver projects through to completion. Communication is critical because you need to be able to assure clients and build trust. As a cyber-defense provider, you carry a high level of trust and responsibility.

How is Simply Secure different from other cybersecurity providers?

One of the areas that Simply Secure has gotten right is that they’ve done a great job of building client trust and responsiveness. They conduct detailed analysis to understand the needs of each business and tailor solutions to fit. They are also committed to delivering end-to-end solutions that mitigate legitimate threats. Providing cybersecurity solutions shouldn’t be about scaremongering, but about delivering products that reduce risk.

At Simply Secure, we adopt a 360 approach to cybersecurity. We are the team that will secure your network while looking at the bigger picture. We will work with employees to adopt security conscience behaviors and recommend improvements to security culture to further boost your defenses.

What are some of the biggest cyber threats today?

The threat landscape is diverse and continually evolving. Cybersecurity criminals are becoming more sophisticated and targeted. There is an increase in Social Engineering, targeted attacks against employees, Phishing, and Ransomware attacks.

SMBs and the public sector are at an increased risk, as they may have outdated machinery or less sophisticated cyber defenses than larger enterprises.

Attacks on Mobile devices are also on the rise. Modern businesses are mobile, and employees have network access across multiple devices. Poor Vulnerability Management can leave networks wide open, so employers should ensure that all devices carry anti-malware solutions.

What are your thoughts on the recent Florida City attacks?

It’s regrettable because, in the Florida City ransomware cases, they decided to pay the ransom to have their data returned. It highlights how something as simple as a malicious email can have a devastating effect. Ransomware is a digital epidemic taking advantage of vulnerable networks running older software.

How influential is a proactive Security Culture?

In this day and age, people should consider cyber safety in the same way as they do road safety. Gone are the days when cybersecurity was the IT departments problem. Understanding how to spot Phishing attacks, promoting better password management, and the basics of encryption, are all things employees should know.

Simply Secure supports business leaders to translate best practice security into the culture of the business. A secure cybersecurity environment is more than the IT systems and tools that protect it.

What advice would you give to other women entering the industry?

Do your research, study available jobs, consider your day-to-day activities. Research potential employers and choose a team with technical expertise and experience to deliver results.

Always see a challenge as a potential opportunity and believe in yourself. You may still, at times, be the only woman in the room, but ultimately, it’s your mind and expertise that will deliver the results.

Suzanne Campbell and the experts at Simply Secure are industry certified professionals, delivering cybersecurity solutions in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area. Find out how we can help protect your business from Cyber Attacks.