Our Team

Kevin Gordon, President & Co-Founder

Dynamic, passionate, result driven business executive with 26 years leading successful multi-million dollar technology companies across the Caribbean. An out-of-the-box thinker with demonstrated ability in developing effective commercial strategies and transforming businesses through technology while maintaining profitability.

Rob Mayo-Smith, CEO & Co-Founder

Proven global CEO in technology across UK, Pacific, Caribbean and South America. Experience running teams of 1,000 people strong with revenues of over $250m. Rob enjoys developing capability, fostering teamwork and sharing a vision. He is passionate about creating peace of mind for his client by protecting their information while enabling them to grow their business.

Robert Cohen, Advisory Board Member on Commercial Operations

With over 25 years in high-technology environments, specializing in Cybersecurity, Robert has distinguished himself by building organizations with both infrastructure and identity. Robert has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations and has spoken globally, on various aspects of Cybersecurity. Robert’s passion for writing has given him the opportunity to publish numerous white-papers and articles pertaining to Cybersecurity

Jon Raper, Advisory Board Member on Technology

Jon started his career with the United States Secret Service investigating network intrusions and provided protection to world leaders. Jon led both data loss prevention and cyber intelligence programs at fortune one. Jon ran incident response and built a 24×7 team responsible for handling incidents across 400,000 on premise and cloud-based systems. At Oracle Jon built seven disparate security operation centers and incident response teams.

Shiva Parasram, Director of Threat Assessment and Training

Shiva is a certified Cyber Security Instructor and author of 2 cyber security books. Shiva has a decade of experience performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, education, reviewing policy implementation and exploitation, overseeing and implementing Incident Response Procedures, Data Acquisition Duplication and Digital Forensic Investigations.

Steven Gross, Security Operations Centre Manager

Steven is a successful leader implementing and managing cybersecurity processes and services. A US Army veteran, Steve is passionate about his customers and their security. His key skills include IT Compliance, Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), network and firewall support management and IT rebuild.

Abner Cornell, Cyber Security Analyst

Abner has held several roles specializing in IT and physical security. He has been posted with the US Army and been a member of the US police force. In recent years his focus moved to the private sector monitoring security events populated in a SIEM system, analyzing network traffic, investigating intrusion attempts and performing analysis of exploits.

Andrew Steinberg, Cyber Security Analyst

Skilled information security professional, with a passion for technology and innovation. Andrew is dedicated to safe guarding our customer’s systems and information using the latest tools and techniques. He believes that being successful in this mission requires him to always continue to learn and stay on top of the newest threats and vulnerabilities in the field.

Suzanne Campbell, Chief Revenue Officer

An experienced sales professional with 24 years in sales management and leading teams in multi-national organizations. Suzanne has extensive knowledge and experience in business sales, a highly effective communicator, channel manager, leader, coach and trainer. Suzanne believes in building relationships and has always inspired the teams she leads to achieve their targets in every industry she leads.

Mike Davis, Account Manager

With a track record working at IBM, Lenovo, HP and eCloud, Mike is an experienced sales and account manager who looks after his customers needs and prides himself on customer loyalty. Mike enjoys enhancing his clients security posture to provide them piece of mind and works well with his technical counterparts to ensure clients epectations are exceeded.

Ken MacDonald, Cyber Security Analyst

Ken worked his way up from a network engineer to Director of IT where he found his passion for cyber security and added it to his portfolio of skills and qualifications. Ken has a consultative manner from his time running his own IT and cyber security business and enjoys working with clients of all industries and sizes.


Certifications of our team

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