Cyber Security Consultant I can provide you with World Leading Security in your home and office, but I can also help you get started in the Simply Secure Cyber Security Affiliate Program – which is an excellent opportunity to earn income through a valuable product that everyone needs.

The Heart of Simply Secure’s Cyber Security Affiliate Program has been a simple yet powerful 5 layer compensation structure, which pays out a total of 70% of all revenues received.

There are 4 ways to earn when you become an affiliate

1. One-Time 20% Commission

 When you refer a friend and they purchase a product, Simply Secure pays you up to 20% commissions on the total value of the order.

2. Quick Start Bonus - $100

$100 Quick Start Bonus is paid to consultants who register 30 or more clients within their first calendar month.

3. Residual Income

Our compensation plan provides a powerful residual income opportunity on product sales generated 

4. Achievement Bonuses

 Bonuses are of up to $8k is paid as consultants qualify for various levels within the organization.

Ken Barksdale - Cybersecurity Director

BGI has expanded their offerings. With cyber threats growing exponentially daily, we recognized a need to identify a leading Cyber Security Team delivering Turnkey Services with matching professionalism that has allowed BGI to serve for nearly 2 decades. We have teamed with global footprint names, with decades of private and military experience in Cyber Security, Network Security, Computer Security, Information Security, Incident Response, Compliance, and SOC Management.

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When you become a SimplySecure Cyber Security Consultant, you get a Advanced EDT install, and a your resource kit. 

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