Security Sure – Home Protection (MacOS)

Internet Security

This powerful AI driven autonomous Home Endpoint Detection and Response Agent, protects MacOS devices from all threats known and unknown.


  • Reputation Engine, uses AI in the Cloud to prevent known malicious files from being written to the disk or executed.
  • Deep File Inspection Engines or DFI, which are preventive Static AI engines that scans for malicious files when written to disk.
  • DBT Engine or Dynamic Behavioral Tracking is a AI engine that implements advanced machine learning tools. This engine detects malicious activities in real-time, when processes execute.
  • Documents & Scripts Engine, a behavioral AI engine, focused on documents and scripts.
  • Lateral Movement Engine, another behavioral AI engine that detects attacks initiated by remote devices.
  • Anti-Exploitation Engine, an AI Engine that stops file-less attacks (attacks that run in memory), including web-related attacks and command line exploits.

Security Sure – Home Protection (MacOS)
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