Simply Secure Group, a Caribbean owned Cybersecurity company based in Fort Lauderdale, announced today the appointment of Angela Webb as Security Operations Manager.

Angela has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience developed over 20 years working in IT and cybersecurity and holds a Master’s Degree in cybersecurity along with many other industry certifications. Her technical competence varies from incident response, network monitoring & analysis to digital forensics and documentation for legal inquiries.



“I am elated to have been considered for this role and I’ll ensure the successes we’ve achieved as technical team are maintained and enhanced during my tenure.” said Angela Webb.





“Angela has cemented her cybersecurity skill-set and has demonstrated competence in various tools and techniques that uniquely qualifies her for the role. We are beyond excited to have her on the team, and know she will do well.” Simply Secure Group Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gordon said.