All across the world, people are being asked to work and study from home because of the coronavirus pandemic and they are bringing their laptops, sensitive company data and access to critical systems home.

We need serious thought around the potential cybersecurity risks, as these systems are not only exposed to compromise but they allow an easy arena for hackers seeking to take advantage and infiltrate corporations.

Essentially companies are moving their sensitive data from a professionally managed corporate networks to a home Wi-Fi with basic protection that often lacks proper network security. They have even loosened restrictions to allow access to critical system from the comfort of a rushed home office.

Governments across the United States and Britain have issued warnings about the dangers of this new remote workforce, while managed security service providers like Simply Secure Group have seen significant increases in requests to help secure networks and work from home employees facing internet security challenges (click here to see how live ransonware attacks work). People are asking the question, “How do I protect my computer?” Here at our organization, we provide the answers.

So what can we do to ensure Network Security & Internet Safety?


  • Company 

  1. Ensure you have an updated VPN
  2. Activate vpn monitoring to cover all traffic
  3. Deploy NexGen EDR or Anti-Virus for all computers
  4. Scan all machines and fix all known vulnerabilities before they leave
  5. Enable automated patch management protocol or have this outsourced


  • User

  1. Change or harden your Home Wi-Fi password immediately!
  2. Do not click on unknown websites or links
  3. Keep personal files, programs off your company device to limit exposure to network security compromises.
  4. Disconnect VPN and shut down company computer when not in use
  5. Report ANY suspicious behavior to the IT department


About Us

Simply Secure LLC is an end-to-end Information and Internet Security solutions provider. From threat assessment to security management and incident response services, Simply Secure offers a wide array of infrastructure solutions to ensure cyber safety. Each designed to fit your unique environment and business model with our key solution being our Managed “Security Sure” Package which provides 8 layers of coverage for $10/deviceClick here to visit our shop today.