Incident Response & Threat Containment

Worldclass IT Security Solutions

Simply Secure can help you investigate whether you have been attacked, how your security was breached, and possible attack and perpetrator origins. We can help you collect evidence on the attack, assist in responding to on-going attacks and reduce the risk of further breaches by providing direction and security guidance to ensure cyber safety and malware security.

The goal of our incident response services is to help you effectively recover and respond to cyber attacks so as to take back control of the situation, enabling normal business operations to get back on track.

Approach & Methodology

We investigate incidents by following these steps:

  • Intelligence Gathering: We assess the situation surrounding the incident and gain an understanding of any actions taken to defend your IT infrastructure
  • Security Investigation: We thoroughly scan and assess each IT system to track down attack evidence and attacker activity within your IT infrastructure. We collect and analyze all evidence found to determine the attack vectors, attacker activity timelines, and the extent of the breach
  • Business Guidance: We work closely with your IT team and management to assist in taking the proper remediation actions and business decisions
  • Remediation Plan Development: Simply Secure assists you by developing a solid remediation plan against future attacks


Simply Secure’s Incident Response team members use various tools, methods, and technologies to assist in our investigations of targeted cyber attacks. These combine together to offer the perfect IT security solutions.

We gather intelligence on the attack and the attackers, and we assess the extent of the breach, the kind and amount of data lost in the attack, and provide you with guidance on defending your IT infrastructure and keeping the bad guys out.

We will provide frequent status updates on our investigations into breaches, including findings and remediation actions.