New Simply Secure!

Computer Security

Hi, my name is Kevin Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder of Simply Secure Group. We are going through unprecedented times and companies will be remembered for their response during this challenging period, especially for us as regards to internet security and cyber safety.

So how have we responded?

  1. We’ve implemented a NEW Consumer Cyber Security Home Protection Plan to help the millions of home users protect their Windows, Mac and Linux Device while working from home.
  2. We’ve revamped our website and implemented e-commerce to streamline the user experience for each customer. Your cyber safety & security protection will be automatically delivered after checkout.
  3. We have successfully relocated our core infrastructure to a Tier 4 Data Center with AWS, ahead of a projected busy hurricane season.
  4. We’ve implemented a Help Desk that is now tied to your customer care and corporate support email addresses.
  5. Last but not least, we’ve hired someone to streamline our Customer Care Division, all agents will now report to her.


We have made the shift to ensure your security, cyber safety and service is never compromised.

We want to thank our customers and friends for their unwavering support during the transitional period and hope that our new website and process enhances your experience with us

Visit our new website:

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Computer Security


New Simply Secure!
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