Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

As technology evolves and becomes more of a business enabler, the need for additional layers of security has become evident. While security devices such as firewalls have become a standard in data networks, the increasing sophistication of security attacks has allowed the firewall to be bypassed and internal systems to be breached.

The challenges lie with investing in resources, following security best practices, and staying up to date in combating security threats.

Our Security Management Solution

Our service includes preventative measures which have been designed to minimize security risks, it can also help you to protect your brand, business, and corporate intelligence.

Managing Internet Threats to both block and/or log malicious activity from internal or external agents. All traffic flowing in and out of your data network is monitored based on a predetermined set of rules that will analyze traffic patterns and alarm in the event an attack is detected.

Monitoring Employee Web Access is intended to identify employees misusing company resources by browsing to inappropriate and/or infected websites. Available features include blocking options, comprehensive reporting, and blocking notifications.

Security Operations Centre

Our certified team provide around the clock secure monitoring, detecting and defending against threats to your critical IT Infrastructure, devices and applications. Utilizing a variety of processes and tools, our team deploys the latest threat intelligence to identify threats in real time to take appropriate remedial action.

7x24x365 Secure Connectivity to corporate information which simulates an in-the-office work experience.

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