Security Culture

Building A Strong Security Culture

A strong cyber security environment is more than the IT systems and tools that protect it. It’s highly influenced by the board of directors and executive leadership team and the tone they set at top around risk management. It is underpinned by solid policies and procedures which establish a good framework of controls. Staff education and training staff plays a further part in adhering to the security posture businesses want. Everyone should be on-board for a successful security culture and it should be clearly communicated.

Simply Secure supports businesses leaders to translate best practice security into the culture of the business. From board and C level discussions to line staff training, we will help you to develop and deliver good policies and behavioral adherence.


Services offered include:

  • Training
  • Communications, buy in and acknowledgment
  • Acceptable use policies and rules
  • Support tailored for relevant governance frameworks
  • Framework for staff violation and consequences
  • Sensitive Data Policy frameworks

Having a strong security culture enables businesses to take a preventative stance on security breaches and vulnerabilities. In avoiding business disruptions and losses, businesses are enabled to focus on growth.

Contact us now and enable Simply Secure to partner with you to strengthen your business’ security culture.

security culture

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