• Monitoring & Support

    Monitoring & Support

    We offer a wide array of infrastructure solutions each designed to fit within your unique environment and business model.
  • Detection & Prevention

    Detection & Prevention

    Keep on top of internal and external vulnerabilities with our world-class assessment, testing and support services.
  • Secure Your Devices

    Secure Your Devices

    Our software is a powerful AI driven autonomous Endpoint Detection and Response Agent, that protects devices from all threats known and unknown.

    Cyber Safety for Home & Business

    “Security Sure” – Cyber security Home Protection Plan uses an Active Endpoint Detection Response or EDR, which provides the best security for home users. This Artificial Intelligence Driven Tool, prevents malicious files from being written or executed, and comes with a Deep File Inspection Engine, an Anti-Exploitation Engine, and much more. Click here to explore the full feature list.

    “Security Sure” – Cyber Security Corporate Protection Plan provides coverage and peace of mind to business owners across the globe. It offers all of the Features covered in the Home Protection, but also includes Centralized Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessments, Automated Patch Management, and much more. Click here to explore the full feature list.


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    Work from Home – Hackers Dream!

    WORK FROM HOME – HACKERS DREAM & INTERNET SECURITY RISK!   All across the world, people are being asked to work and study from home because of the coronavirus pandemic…

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    Risks Uncovered


    Vulnerabilities Remedied

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